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Who We Are

Owlservations, LLC, is a boutique service firm dedicated to equipping and empowering Professionals of Color* and their allies to reap enriched outcomes from diverse, equitable and inclusive organizational cultures. Our services are grounded in the wisdom reaped from over 30-years of lived experiences and the evidence-based expertise gained from research applied in the real-world. 

In the spirit of FUBU, Owlservations is designed by Professionals of Color

to serve Professionals of Color.

Guiding Principles

  1. Faith: Motivated by a confident belief in a power greater than ourselves and hope in a higher good

  2. Integrity: Striving to keep our commitments to ourselves and all we serve

  3. Prioritize People: In practice and purpose, putting people first

  4. Solution Focused: Acknowledge problems to concentrate on resolving them

  5. Action Oriented: Propensity towards purposeful action producing measurable results

  6. Value Diversity: Varied perspectives and experiences contribute to better outcomes

  7. Inclusive Equity: Opportunity for all to engage on equitable grounds


Professionals of Color* are equipped and empowered to excel personally and professionally. The places in which they work and serve are conducive to reaping enriched outcomes from diverse, equitable and inclusive organizational cultures.


To equip and empower Professionals of Color* to excel and embrace their social identities as assets; and equip and educate organizations to establish sustainable diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures conducive to everyone’s success.

Vision & Mission

* “Professionals” – employed or seeking employment

in a job, vocation, or calling that usually requires specialized knowledge and often long, intensive academic preparation

(based on 

“of color” – person who is of a race other than white or who is of mixed race.  

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