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Meet Dr Cie Armstead

With nationally recognized expertise in diversity and inclusion, I have a proven record in spearheading strategic initiatives that cultivate a culture of shared values, balance the demands of multiple stakeholders, and deliver exceptional outcomes.

I am also an adroit problem-solver. My mission is to create and deliver practical, results-driven solutions within a spirit of collaboration. Creative consensus is key. After all, everyone wants to contribute, and everyone wants to be heard. I nurture innovative thinking as we develop a consensus that fairly represents all participants. What’s more, I prioritize objectives. What are the “must-haves” versus the “nice-to-haves”? (I like to say that you need a well-made cake before you put on the icing.) As a transformational leader and skilled project manager, I have demonstrated success in designing, implementing, and evaluating complex projects that meet or exceed expectations.  

Finally, I bring integrity to my working relationships. When I make a commitment, I do everything in my power to keep it. My mission is to create authentic and mutually beneficial relationships with my colleagues, clients, and strategic partners.

Founder of Owlservations, LLC


Cie Armstead, MPA, DBA

Founder, Owlservations, LLC

Nationally Recognized Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Thought Leader,

Presenter, Facilitator & Writer

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