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Cultivate an Inclusive Culture
by Prioritizing People

Owlservations, LLC, will offer consulting for associations and nonprofit organizations that are interested in prioritizing people and taking the next step to build a more inclusive and effective workplace environment.

Prioritizing people looks like:

  • supporting professionals of color in their careers

  • implementing diversity management and creating synergy in DEI strategies

  • addressing problems among staff

  • getting rid of toxic workplace environments

  • attracting and retaining a diverse staff 

  • creating truly equitable environments

  • building inclusive leaders of all dimensions, especially allies to support professionals of color

Owlservations, LLC, services can support prioritizing people by:

  • leading customized DEI education, courageous conversations, and focus groups

  • assisting associations and nonprofits with starting their organization’s DEI journey

  • connecting organizations (DEI consumers) with their best-fit DEI consultants and service providers

  • providing new DEI practitioners with foundational knowledge, experience, and resources to help them succeed

  • building effective internal and external collaborations to achieve DEI goals


An Owlservations Consulting Client says:
Debra N. McGuire, MBA, IOM, CAE

Executive Director
International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)
Worldwide Headquarters: Kansas City, MO, United States

Defining and achieving DEI goals for a large association, with members all around the globe, can be a challenging endeavor. Our association was delighted when we had the opportunity to partner with Dr. Armstead, who leveraged her extensive background as both an association management professional and as a DEI practitioner, to work with us in crafting our first-ever diversity statement. We appreciated her willingness to listen to our needs first, then customize her services to best serve IAAO and the leaders engaged in this project. With the ability to bring people together, Dr. Armstead created a desirable outcome for the benefit of all. Her gift will continue to benefit our association and our members for years to come.

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