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Connect, Communicate & Center

Owlservations Communities

Feeling isolated in your workplace experience? Current career circumstances leaving you a bit off-center? We have created a space where Professionals of Color and DEI practitioners can connect over shared experiences, in safe spaces – outside of the workplace and professional settings.

Owlservations communities bring together Professionals of Color across diverse professions and industries to enrich the learning experience while providing a sense of solidarity.

Your perspective is always valued here. You’ll feel connected like never before!

Communities under Construction:

  • Women of Color

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practitioners

  • POC Allies & Advocates


An Owlservations Client says:
Tonya L. Johnson

Paralegal, Legal Services, Inc.

Cie is the most committed leader that I've ever worked with. Leading by example, she sets high expectations and exceeds them. She is dedicated to creating diverse and inclusive environments in which everyone benefits while having a great time. I never worked harder or learned more than while I reported to her as the Director of the ABA Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity. On countless occasions I observed Cie Armstead's sensitivity to underrepresented populations while clearly articulating the business case for diversity with such savvy and wit that new alliances were formed and sustained over time. I recommend Cie as a first class professional who believes in inclusion, knows how to get it done and will show you the way.

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