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New Research Study:
“Racial Identity as a Career Asset”

Owlservations, LLC, equips and empowers Professionals of Color to embrace their social identities as assets in their careers.  Owlservations has launched a new research study to explore how Professionals of Color describe their racial identity as an asset in their careers. The study also examines ways to effectively offset challenges when racial identity may function as a career liability. Findings from the study will help professionals of color better navigate their careers.

Check out 3 short videos: Real-world examples of racial identity serving as a career asset

You’re invited to participate in this much-needed study. Too often in today’s workplaces and career settings, Professionals of Color receive the message that their racial identity will work against them.  Through this study, Owlservations seeks to explore the theory that successful Professionals of Color have learned how to leverage their identity as a career asset.


  1. Join a virtual focus group. Each session will be 45-60 minutes.

  2. Complete a short online survey.

  3. Apply for a 1:1 personal virtual 30-45 minutes interview.


To learn more and signup to participate, complete the Observations 

Research Participant interest form below:

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