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Turn Challenges into Opportunities with a Career Coach

Need help navigating career challenges as a Professional of Color? Or, you’re ready to sharpen those “soft skills” that can make-or-break your career?  Let us help you turn those challenges into activated opportunities and fine-tune your executive presence using the power you already have!


Owlservations, LLC, offers individual and small group coaching to meet your needs. We develop our services with you in mind—customized for you by those who have walked in your shoes.

We offer lived experiences and evidence-based expertise.  You can be confident in Owlservations, LLC, equipping you to excel personally and professionally!

Racism and other inequities prevail in the workplace. Professionals of Color often face unique challenges on the job and in other professional settings.  

If that’s been part of your story, know that you are not alone. Inequities aside, just navigating our careers and workplaces can sometimes require some outside help. Owlservations will help you flip the script to your favor. Tap into our support and resources to recognize, reflect, and respond in ways that work out for your good.

Our career coaches are prepared to help if you:

  • are a person of color working or volunteering in a professional setting

  • are a young professional in any career field or profession

  • have experienced challenges at work, such as microaggressions and unfavorable power dynamics primarily due to your racial identity

  • have been challenged with converting career or personal development information into sustained application 

  • are seeking constructive feedback from someone you can trust

  • are ready to invest in yourself and your career

If you are an employer, supervisor, ally or advocate who would like to learn how to better support Professionals of Color in your organization, we can help with that, too.


An Owlservations Coaching Client says:
Jake Reyna-Casanova, MPH

Grants Administrator

As a new DEI professional, I reached out to Cie who graciously offered me coaching services to initiate my career in the DEI space. She helped me by providing excellent professional guidance in everything from defining my goals to understanding my strengths and weaknesses to creating a new job description. She did this by creating an environment where I felt comfortable asking questions, expressing my own beliefs, and a space filled with enthusiasm and encouragement to keep me going. I am beyond thankful for Cie’s expertise and professionalism in helping me get to where I am now—a true DEI professional.

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